Leasing Terminology

What you need to know...

A LEASE is a non-cancelable rental contract between CFS (the "Lessor") and the customer (the "Lessee"). The lessee agrees to pay a specific dollar amount in rental payments for a fixed period of time (the "Term"). At the end of the term, the lessee may exercise his purchase option by choosing to purchase the equipment, or may return the equipment, or may continue to rent the equipment.
A FAIR MARKET VALUE purchase option is determined by the current selling value of the equipment at lease termination. The purchase price is not determined at lease inception. This type of purchase option usually has the most affordable monthly payment.
A FIXED PURCHASE OPTION is pre-determined at lease inception, and is usually calculated as a percentage of the original equipment cost. This lease works well for a lessee who is seriously considering, but not committed to, ownership at the end of the lease term. 10% is the most common fixed purchase amount.
A LEASE PURCHASE is a non-cancelable contract which includes a bargain purchase option at the end of the lease term with the assumption that the lessee has determined, in advance, to buy the equipment. The purchase option is usually $1.00.
Often the lessee will have the need to expand or improve his equipment during the lease term. An attractive leasing feature is the ability to UPGRADE the existing lease while working with your original dealer and leasing source. With an upgrade, the lessee signs a new lease for new equipment and the remainder of the old lease is terminated.
A BUYOUT is the method by which a lessee may choose to close out his contract prior to the end of lease term.
An FMV LEASE is a true lease with a Fair Market Value purchase option at the lowest rates which insures you an upgrade advantage.
A 10% LEASE is a true lease for the customer who wishes to have a fixed purchase option.
A $1.00 BUYOUT LEASE is lease purchase financing for the customer who wishes to own the equipment.
30-60-90 DAY DEFERRED PAYMENT PROGRAMS have no advance payment required, for the customer who has a reason to delay the start of monthly payments.
A STEP LEASE PROGRAM is lease payments that match your customer's revenues as his business grows.
A SKIP LEASE PROGRAM is for schools, no payments during the summer months.
A MASTER LEASE is where the customer signs the contract once and adds equipment easily as needed.
A MUNICIPAL LEASE is where fiscal funding-out clause allows publicly-funded agencies to lease.